Mendocino Memories

Kitchen hugs before pancakes

We had plans to host Clarkie while Winky and Peter went to a wedding, but it turned out that this was also the weekend that Sam's belovedThomas the Tank Engine was in Mendocino pulling the Skunk Train. So we made this our first-ever "take an extra kid on vacation" vacation, and brought Clarkie with us. It could not have been more perfect. Eleni loved having a playmate, while Sam and Luc fought like puppies.  Jake and Lou smoked their fair share of cigars, and Betsy and I did a lot of chilling. It was a perfectly-matched weekend.

Eleni and Clarkie spent hours in the hot tub, when they weren't reading, playing Scrabble™, or reading.


Did I mention Eleni and Clarkie spent a lot of time reading? They were like two peas in a pod.

When Sam wears just slippers, Luc wears just slippers. When Luc wants to play in the tent, well, you get the idea.


I don't know what Lou and Betsy were looking for, but Eleni wasn't afraid to get into the tub!

This is the real Thomas!!


Sir Topham Hatt dropped by our lunch table.

After a full day at the train depot, which was conveniently just a 5 minute drive from Lou's house, the boys just wanted to get back in the hot tub and reminisce about the train ride.


I can't believe Eleni's teeth, or lack thereof. They will grow in someday. I am confident of that.

Sam is proud to show his teeth, too!


Peter taught me a thing or three about my PC, including how to capture still shots on my camera. Duh.

It was such a rite of passage for us as kids to get as tall as Lydia. Eleni is almost there!


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