Sam's Magic Trick

On Monday, July 14, Sam ran to meet my train to show me his new magic trick.

The trick, which was to jump from the top of the garbage can and land upright, didn't work so well.

"Are you sure you can do that without shoes on? Seems like that would hurt your feet!"

"No mom, that's the magic!" he says, as he leapt from a full standing position, 4 1/2 feet off the top of a garbage can.

He broke his foot in 3 places, and now sports a lovely blue 15 lb. cast, including a boot that allows him to hobble around. Roberta predicts he will be running in it in a few weeks. Thanks, Brad, for the Leap toys!

It comes off the Friday before he starts Kindergarten.

Some magic trick, huh? ;-)

Page updated July 18, 2003

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