Getting Settled in Seattle

After a trip to the market for supplies, we came back and made a delicious lunch to eat in the yard.

Sam’s has discovered the joys of the peanut butter birdies,   Liberty family favorite for generations!

After lunch, a quick trip to the beach on Lake Wahsingon.

The weather has been just beautiful-though locals –believe it or not, worry about draught!

After the beach we spent some time at a found park. We try to stop at every park we drive by.

We delivered Eleni to Camp in Carnation. This is at Remlingers Farm, just outside the camp entrance.

Remlinger’s is a working farm that also sells locally-made crafts. Look out, Chuck Berry, the kids can Duck Walk!

Up the road from camp we discovered a cool spot-this covered bridge leads to a waterfall taller than Niagara~

The roar must be amazing in the spring when it’s at full fun off.

Thank goodness there is a safe gate keeping Sam from peering too far out and my fear of heights at bay.

Sam reads everything he sees now, including this plaque celebrating 50 years of partnership in firefighting.

Next to the falls is a lovely hotel/spa, the one that was featured in Twin Peaks. Note Sam trying his best to not touch!



Sam and   I explored on our own, discovering this “Black Sun” in a park. If you look through it, you see the Space Needle.

This statue sits outside Seattle Asian Art Museum, SAM for short.

The next park not only had a playground, but a huge wading pool! We were there to help fill it up! (Next time, we will bring bathing suits!)

No trip here is complete without a stop at Pike Place Market, celebrating its 96 th birthday this week!

One spot at the market sells donuts made to order. Sam ate A DOZEN. Yes, they are minis, but come on, that’s a lot of dough!

These fishmongers really do chant and toss fish around. This was another perfect catch!

This monkfish is another gag-the fishmongers grab his tail and wiggle him around at unsuspecting tourists and shoppers.

Rachel the piggy bank takes in nearly $10k/year to run programs like a childcare center at the Marketplace.

After picking Eleni up at camp, we headed back to Snoqualmie to take a train trip to the falls.

Sam fell asleep for a bit, but woke up in time for the views of the big bend in the river valley.

It has been quite hot here, and we were lucky to find a seat with an open window!

The railroads were used extensively by the logging industry until about WWII.


  Winky’s home

We are so lucky to have a house –and a car!--to call home here. And what a house it is!

Every room here is welcoming and sports some hand-made artwork. This entry is watched over.

We spend a lot of time in this room, reading, playing games, or relaxing in front of TV. We could never be so comfy in a hotel!

This table seats 10 comfortably. I am sure there are often guests enjoying yummy Winky dinners!

What this shot of the garden doesn’t show is the herb and veggie garden, where we picked daily!

This office, just off the dining room, is where I check email and search the web for Seattle happenings.

The landing on the way to the 2 nd floor shows Winky’s love of the grape!

The master has a bathroom with Eleni’s favorite: a family-sized shower! There are 5 more bedrooms on this floor.

This is Sam, enjoying his nightly bath. He lives fully, getting filthy by day and cleaning up thoroughly by night.

This is Clarkie’s “Heavenly Chair” where she (and Eleni) read and fall asleep in the sun.

This painting is done by Duncan’s class, with each child having done one flower. It’s just beautiful.

The entire 3 rd floor is a kid zone, bathroom and a separate area for Peter’s office.




This is the family-sized shower where we could all clean up after a trip to the beach or boating on Green Lake. Niiiiice.