Our walk to school on May 31, 2001.

This is the beginning of our walk to school.

We have gotten pretty good about getting out of the house early enough to walk.

It takes 5 minutes to drive there and back.

To walk takes more than an hour.

At the bottom of our hill,
we found Roberta (not shown) and Dewey waiting to walk with us.

Sam and Eleni mustered up all their patience to pose for this picture. I have a new digital camera and am excited to use it to capture our simple days.

They could not have been less interested in my project.

As you can see in the background,
Sam led the charge to the playground.

Eleni's school has added a new play structure in the school yard.

Now, Sam loves to go there to play.

And play.

And play.

Between our house and school,
Sam loves to stop at this "fountain"
to play in the water.

I am sure the neighbors will be happy when he is less interested in it.

After most of the walk, Sam planted himself on the sidewalk and was done walking.

We decided to park his tricycle and pick it up on the return trip.

Those are my yellow shoes. Cute, huh?

Sam has been practicing yoga with me. He does a wonderful "boat" and Eleni's favorite is "cat's pose."

This is Sam doing a "downward dog."

After breaking for yoga and retrieving the trike,
we recommence our journey home.

After an enthusiastic start,
Sam stops for one final moment of pensive repose.
Once at home, Sam races to his room
to don the outfit of a victor.
He exudes the pride of one who has
truly made this heroic excursion that of his own
dominant will and accord.
We left the house at 7:55 am. We returned to home at 9:05 am.

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